As is common knowledge, once you hit 40 your metabolism takes a major hit and you fall prey to the dreaded middle aged spread. Also known as the "dad bod" since Father's Day has just been celebrated last weekend.

Besides eating the right foods, dieting and generally moving your limbs for a few minutes every hour, those of us blessed with a sedentary lifestyle can at least start on the path to more fitness and a positive mindset.

This article over at Popsugar lists 9 simple ways to a stronger core and a leaner waist which won't involve you tying yourself up in knots or giving yourself cerebral apoplexy.

On summer solstice day, June 21 this year - aka the longest day in the year - an annular solar eclipse took place which was visible in some parts of the northern hemisphere.

While it was a partial eclipse in many parts of the world, there are some beautiful textbook pictures of both an annular and partial eclipse which have been taken and published all across the globe.

11 of the very best can be seen in this article at Inverse.

Lockdown and COVID-19 has made it difficult for most of us to stick to our daily schedules. Lack of sleep, too much of stress, binge eating and see-saw dieting are probably only some of the issues that all of us have faced during this time.

In this difficult period when we are gradually coming out of lockdown and resume our lives to whatever extent possible, perhaps it is time to reaffirm our commitment to try and bring some semblance of balance to life.

A little moderate exercise 2-3 times a week and a healthy diet is all that may be needed to shed those excess pounds we have all gained during lockdown.

The Mediterranean diet relies on fresh produce, lots of fruit, nuts, locally sourced vegetables, multiple sources of protein and the occasional glass of red wine. Here is a set of simple recipes that we can easily replicate even in India.

If you're like me and have been spending hours hunched in front of the computer, you probably have some lower back pain.

A variety of methods can be used to both prevent and tackle this issue. Notably, fitness trackers and simple apps on your phone can be used to remind you to take a break occasionally and spend a few minutes away from your desk.

This is one area where yoga shines. It can be used to both prevent and address back pain caused by poor posture, long hours of sitting and a general lethargy which has plagued us all.

Here is an excellent article from Womens Health which explains with videos various poses and asanas which will help treat your lower back pain.

We've all seen it time and again. Some of the most hardworking members of a team who often burn the midnight oil achieve beyong all expectations and are promoted as managers.

What is totally unexpected is that they are abject failures in their new role, which is astonishing to several onlookers. An educationist by the name of Laurence J Peter has a fascinating theory to describe this phenomenon.

Way back in 1969, Peter suggested that employees were promoted simply on the basis of performance with no real consideration as to their suitability for a managerial role with much greater responsibility.

Having reached the limits of their ability, they failed to rise further. You can read more about his fascinating theory at BBC News.

While filming The Mandalorian, LucasFilm used a revolutionary new technology called StageCraft.

While most sci-fi movies and TV shows are shot using a green screen, the first season of The Mandalorian was the pathbreaking show which used StageCraft. This involves the use of high resolution imagery being projected onto LED screens wrapping around actors creating immersive environments.

Using a green screen is not immersive and the actors have to work hard to imagine themselves in the fictional universe they are supposed to be in. While StageCraft seems like a no-brainer and you must be kicking yourself for not having thought about it sooner, it probably costs a bomb!

The next TV show in the Star Wars universe based on Obi Wan Kenobi is rumoured to use this in a big way. You can read more about it over at IGN and watch a kickass montage in the process.

They've done it again! From a 5-1 away defeat in the autumn, Bayern Munich have gone unbeaten for the remainder of the COVID-19 battered season to win yet another Bundesliga title.

Manager Hansi Flick who took over from Nico Kovac has instilled a winning mentality and fearless attitude into his players resulting in their 29th Bundesliga title win.

To put things into the appropriate perspective, Bayern have won the title 29 times since the league began in 1963. All other winners combined have only won it 28 times. They are still in contention for domestic Cup and the Champions League trophy both, which would make for a remarkable treble!

More on this remarkable story here at Eurosport.

While photography as a hobby has become more and more easier, approachable and there are a multitude of tutorials, training courses and websites offering tips and tricks to novices.

However, when it comes to segregating the men from the boys, there are several awards which are sought after in the photography world. 22 images out of 24,000 have been selected as winners in the Siena Awards Creative Photo of the Year 2020.

You can view the images and see the original article here on Forbes.

Photographer Colleen Plumb has travelled over ten years to over 70 zoos in the US and Europe, studying and documenting the behaviour of elephants that are held in captivity.

Over a period of time, she has been able to diagnose with unerring accuracy a range of abnormalities including rocking, bobbing, pacing and so on. It goes without saying that consequent to being chained, confined and held in a small space for years together hurts these animals at a physical, mental and emotional level.

In fact, their lifespan is reduced by almost one third. In the light of the recent death of a pregnant female elephant in Kerala just a few days ago, this article strikes a chord within. You can read about her filming and documenting this unique phenomenon here at FeatureShoot.

The most successful manager in the history of football with 38 trophies and 13 Premier League titles has distilled down the complexities of English football to a simple 8 point formula.

Starting at the beginning of the 90s, the famous Scotsman arrived and Manchester United were never the same again. A two decade long period of dominance followed and his approach is underscored by his hunger for winning and an unending appetite for more trophies.

You can read all about the greatest manager's secrets in this Harvard Business Review article.

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