Vegetarian diets and high protein content don't always go hand in hand. If you have access to ingredients during the unlock phase that is now happening in various parts of the country, this article is perfect for you.

Having been forced to eat a restricted few items for months together during lockdown hasn't been easy. The palate and the mind both crave something different and unique after weeks of juggling with a few basic ingredients.

This article at Eating Well illustrates 33 well thought of recipes - enough for a whole month's worth of lunches without repeats. With the benefit of being mostly vegetarian - some eggs do pop up occasionally - these are protein packed, filling and have great satiety value!

As the years go by, most of us are faced with cognitive dysfunction to some extent, physical limitations and a general lack of energy which seems to be inevitable.

What is less well known, however, is that the brain recharges during sleep and getting your daily 6-9 hours of sleep is of paramount importance as far as mental health is concerned. A good night's sleep enables one to have a good mood, strong focus and being able to make appropriate decisions in a timely fashion.

New research now shows that the amount of time spent in REM sleep aka dream states is the most important time of the night as this is when your brain is recharging itself. This article over at has more.

A few years ago, I tried switching to the Mediterranean diet. Long touted as one of the best diets in the world, the people native to the Mediterranean region have an enviable quality of life with some of the lowest rates of cardiac disease, hypertension and diabetes mellitus anywhere in the world.

The Mediterranean diet has been extensively studied in various scientific trials and has time and again consistently topped the charts for being less restrictive, more people-friendly and easier to maintain in the long run.

If you are looking for a primer and an easy way to refresh your knowledge of this healthy lifestyle, this article at News Medical Life Sciences will whet your appetitie for more!

Patience, passion, perseverance. The sum total of all our efforts which lead to success can often be summarised in these keywords.

That still doesn't explain, however, why some of us achieve outstanding success while others are still plodding away at work from home duties.

Long term thinking, planning, strategy are some key concepts which are covered in this article at BBC Worklife and it happens to be a thought-provoking read imho.

Hollywoood actress Reese Witherspoon believes in smoothies. For her breakfast every morning for the past 9 years, she has a smoothie packed with vitamins, fruits, veggies and antioxidants.

Personally, I'm not into juice cleanses and smoothies, but Reese swears that this is the secret to her glowing skin, better hair and nails over the past decade.

If you wanna try it out, the recipe is available in this article at The Insider.

It would seem to be common sense to engage the most important part of the body, the core as an important part of any workout routine.

However, many popular exercise sets focus on arms and legs for quick muscle gains failing to engage the core. If you have ever had a personal trainer, you have heard the expression before: engage your core!

For those of us who aren't so blessed with instant recognition and understanding of what that phrase entails, the good folks over at Purewow have this article which explains not only what the core is, but also how you might engage it in a step wise manner without doing yourself too much bodily harm!

Many of us make grand plans to lose weight and read up about every single diet that we can, wake up with determination to pursue our goals and finally fall prey to snacks, desserts and foods that mess with our metabolism.

Welcome to my world! An uphill struggle to maintain a healthy weight and reasonable size in the face of so many daily temptations that keeps growing more difficult by the day. Finding a diet and exercise routine is not difficult; it's the sticking to it day in and day out which is the downfall for most of us.

This article at Kitchn explains how you can shop for groceries and plan your meals for an entire week in advance, mixing and matching ingredients through this superpower that you never knew you had called meal prep! As an added bonus, all the ingredients are vegetarian, most can be sourced locally and the meals are packed with protein.

We perfectionists are a misunderstood lot. While everyone appreciates the end result - sometimes grudgingly - few people in real life would want to be working with or for a perfectionist.

This article at BBC Worklife explains the ins and outs, the highs and lows involved in working with perfectionists. Burnout, stress, setting oneself up for failure are some of the pitfalls mentioned in the article. Probably explains why some of my best work is done alone and in solitude 😛

Most of us in lockdown have gained a substantial amount of weight. Whether it's to do with stress eating, binge watching Netflix or the sedentary work from home lifestyle, the "quarantine 15" is indeed a reality!

This article over at lists a set of 10 simple moves using only dumb bells that you can use to engage your core and get back in shape. The exercises start off simple and move on to the more complex routines involving activation of different sets of muscles to give you a total whole body workout!

Pasta is a stock favourite food in many cuisines around the world. However, it hasn't found too much of a following in India.

Though easily available in supermarkets and multiple Indianised varieties now widely advertised, pasta's popularity ranks much lower than noodles.

If you're one of those pasta and salad lovers, this article at Self has 29 healthy and appetising recipes to keep you busy throughout the summer months!

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