If you're coping poorly with the concept of working from home, balancing your family and work with receiving less pay than usual, you're not alone.

Stress is difficult to deal with at the workplace on a routine day and the pandemic has added a more unique twist on this situation.

This article at Heleo has some quick pointers on coping with stress and trying to keep sane in a world that may seem to have gone insane.

If fantasy, travel, adventure and fiction float your boat, The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien is a must have in your library.

I stumbled across it accidentally when I was in school, a couple of decades before the first movie was made and there are few books in that genre which can even aspire to match the literary genius of Tolkien.

This article at Ladders has 50 of the most inspiring quotes from the trilogy and is well worth bookmarking.

A 15 digit electronic digital clock in New York has been an attraction for many years. For those who didn't understand it, it was thought to display fractions of time since or to midnight or perhaps the acres of rainforest destroyed each year.

Metronome's digital clock now displays the time until climate change becomes irreversible, thanks to global warming which is proceeding on an unprecedented scale.

You can read more about the clock in this story at the New York Times.

The N95 mask has become an essential part of our clothing and equipment over the past six months. Arguments regarding the utility notwithstanding, what was once unthinkable is now being accepted by all of us as routine.

There are of course the minority who refuse to wear masks claiming that the pandemic isn't real and they provide some entertainment in our humdrum routine.

A new wave of AI powered transparent, multi-layered N99 masks is here to challenge our perceptions yet again. BlueBreath has dedicated breathing in and out pathways and has N99 filters to deliver the cleanest air all the time.

You can read more about this innovation in this article at Yanko Design.

A village in Wales suffered from mysterious internet outages for nearly one and a half years. Engineers despatched by the broadband provider were at their wits' end and even replaced some cabling but there was no improvement.

A single old TV set switched on at 7 am every day was producing electrical interference which impacted the internet coverage for the entire village! You can read more about this astonishing story in this article at Gizmodo.

As has been famously said, an investment in knowledge and yourself yields the best dividends.

Those who succeed in life are often high achievers who go above and beyond the regular curriculum taught in schools and colleges. They continually find ways to learn new ideas, incorporate modern methods into their work and habitually reinvent themselves.

This article at Ladders lists out 18 new ways in which you can invest time to make yourself smarter.

Sergio Odeith is a Portuguese 3D graffiti artist who creates larger than life 3D artworks using nothing but spray cans.

Some of his works include life-like renditions of vehicles, birds, animals and more! You can see more examples of his art and murals in this article at Bored Panda.

Cycling is recommended as a simple exercise method to keep fit, commute to work and reduce our carbon footprint.

A fantastic new innovation from an industrial design graduate from London aims to take this even further. Incorporating the familiar HEPA filters which are known to most of us, this unique design aims to suck in pollution during your bike ride and clean the air along your travel path.

Even if 10% of all London cyclists were to use it, an area 20 times the size of Trafalgar square would be filtered and receive clean air. You can read more about this unique story in this article at Yanko Design.

In the 17th century, pirates ruled the roost along the Irish coastline. They had their hiding spots and bases in secret locations which were difficult to identify for several years, until a secret pirate map fell into the hands of the Dutch who were hunting them.

The "leeskarte" which is now in the Gottingen library archives, is the subject for a fascinating long read in the shape of this article at Atlas Obscura.

Struggling with a chronic condition like back pain, obesity, PCOS or endometriosis can be as crippling mentally as it is physically.

Every morning when you wake up can be a struggle and to achieve apparent normalcy can be one of the greatest silent battles that you fight over and over again.

On those days when you are feeling particularly low, some of the quotations from this article at Parade may be of help.

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